Time tracking for Microsoft
Team Foundation Server.
Deliver on time and on budget

TFS Timetracker allows software teams to manage their time directly in Microsoft® Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio® Team Services. Seamlessly integrated.

Add Time Recording and Time Management to Microsoft® Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio® Team Services


One Environment, Extended

TFS Timetracker is seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Application Lifecycle Managment.

It’s just there where you ever wanted it. Open a workitem, plan efforts and start working. See the burndown melting. Analyze budgets and learn how to be more efficient. TFS Timetracker is completely integrated into Team Foundation Server web app, Visual Studio and your desktop.

One Environment, Extended


Learn what is really going on

Management loves reports. But to learn how to become more efficient, the team has to understand where the time goes. TFS Timetracker enables employees to be much more efficient in their jobs and enables teams to make better decisions. On the fly, there is world class reporting of work.


Better planning through projection of existing data


Excellent reporting with build in views, export and API


Better decisions with insights on workitem level

How it works

Seamless integration means to extend the capabilities of Team Foundation Server and make it even more powerful. Code. Work. Build. Test. And now: Time.

Start tracking

From TFS sprint board, a single work item or the TFS Timetracker Windows client - simply press a button to start tracking your time.


Manage time

Add, edit, import, approve times directly inside Team Foundation Server - online, on-premise and even in developer's Visual Studio application.

Get insights

Learn from estimations, worked time, burn down, individual pace, remaining time by the integrated reports, the API and export capabilites.


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Unleash the full power of development teams by understanding its pace.

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